Sunday, October 12, 2014

Back at it

Been slacking on the portfolio building, but 3-Day weekends are great to remedy that! Six months of not touching UDK because I've been working and I've really lost all my skills. So I decided to redo all my ImbueFX intro Cascade tutorials to remind me of what I've forgotten. Also simple effects will be a good basis for more elaborate things.

I also got Xsplit Broadcaster to work with Fraps so I don't have half speed gifs anymore.

First off this is the in-prog of something I want to do that'll be like a rain of Melf's Acid Arrows. Obviously the arrow is placeholder, but the idea is there.

Ammo pickup. Not finished. Want to add some sparkles and a displacement sphere grid around it to make it a bit more sci-fi.

Rocketfire and a ball of lightning. Both of these are using Bill Kladis' textures just to learn the principles.

1 comment:

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