Friday, November 30, 2012

The Horseman and his Horse

Still chugging along on the Sleepy Hollow project. I've got some props done, the turnarounds and characters and now I'm working on environments. But here's the updated versions of the Horseman and Daredevil, who I decided needed some armor.

Wednesday, November 28, 2012


Started the environments for my Sleepy Hollow game. This would be near the end where you lure the Horseman to a hayloft, and Ichabod is hiding up in the attic.

Sunday, November 18, 2012


I'm doing research on sci-fi props and decided I wanted to do space prison stuff. While researching handcuffs I stumbled across this spectacular blog all about restraints, handcuffs and straightjackets. Historic and fictional movie props. Pretty awesome.

Check it out: Restraints Blog

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

The Jailbreak

I draw a lot of prisons. What of it?
India Ink on paper, digitally colored.

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Steampunk Luger

I can say this now, since I have no followers, but I hate Steampunk. I loathe it. I hate drawing it, I hate looking at it, it's my least favorite genre of things. However it was the assignment, so I struggled through. Plus it was an excuse to draw a Luger which is my favorite gun to draw.
Honestly my favorite part is the background. I found an old newspaper and slapped some pictures of Nikola Tesla on it and BAM instant Steampunk.

Sunday, November 11, 2012

BONK Factory

Old piece from my second semester at Academy. This is an Isometric drawing of what I thought the BONK factory might look like in TF2. I think this might make a cool level someday. Or at least it would for me since I mostly play Sniper. This might suck for Heavy.

Friday, November 9, 2012

Rusted Desk

This was my mid-term project and the first thing I've ever UV mapped and textured. Also the second model I've ever made. It's just my desk setup at home. I'm pretty happy with it, except that I think it might be a bit too dark.


Horses. Majestic. Beautiful. Ever wonder why they're always shown running, leaping, from the side, from a three-quarter view? Because directly from the front they look like some sort of mutant dog that has a preying mantis head. Seriously, horses look just bizarre from the front. Anyway, this is Daredevil, the Headless Horseman's .. uh.. horse. He's skeletal like my horseman design, and his chest cavity is filled with dirt. The little vines and leaves are baby pumpkins growing in there. The Horseman needs more heads.
Technically the Horseman's horse doesn't have a name, and Daredevil was Brom's horse, but more people have seen the Tim Burton movie than read the book, so probably no one will notice.

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Post Apocalyptic

First time designing props for a specific character rather than just a genre. This week was Post Apocalyptic and conveniently I started playing Borderlands 2 as well. Sometimes the stars align, or the vaults or whatever. I didn't design Vekk here, he was given to me, but I did make up his name and backstory and whatnot.

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Lack of Eyes

So today I learned something that I'm sure every animator in existance already knows. It's really difficult to give someone facial expressions when they don't have eyebrows. And when you can't see their eyes it's even worse. So for Ichabod (since he's wearing those goggles constantly) I had to kind of make his hair emote for him. The result is that he looks a bit like a palm tree has ruptured out of his skull.

Monday, November 5, 2012

The Horseman Cometh

So for my Visual Development class we're designing characters and props for a game based off an existing story. I'm doing The Legend of Sleepy Hollow but with some updates: Ichabod, Sarah and Masbeth are part of a present day paranormal team that have a docu-reality TV show where they go to places and investigate ghosts. Obviously nothing that's on the scale of what's going on in Sleepy Hollow, hilarity ensues when all the ghosts are real and chasing them. Anyway. I've got my design for Ichabod solidly squared away:
And now I'm working on the Horseman. Fun fact: it's nearly impossible to make a guy with a pumpkin on his head look badass. I can splatter that thing with all the blood I want and it's still a guy who thought it was a good idea to substitute his head for a gourd. So here's the Horseman so far:
And now he needs some expressions. I thought it would be funny if he had a sack of pumpkins he carried around, each with a different expression so mid confrontation he could root around in it, find the right one, and swap them out. Because that's a completely normal thing to do. I'm not exactly sure what he'd be sad about; unless the pumpkin patch caught some sort of fungus. And I'm guessing the worried one is the one he throws at people. I'd be worried too.

A new beginning

So as it turns out, I'm the only person at school who doesn't have one of these blog-thingies specifically for my in-progress art and whatnot. So here's me fixing it by starting this up. Granted this will prove to be incredibly uninteresting mostly because I haven't drawn ever and I'm in a crapload of drawing classes this semester. But hey, maybe it'll keep me motivated to draw when those classes are over. So yeah. Here goes. 72 Pin Protagonist. Out.